Over 20 years of experience in the real estate market We always demand the best for our client
  • Carlos Lisboa
    Carlos Lisboa
    Carlos Lisboa is one of the founders of BelleVille Imobiliária, the company´s current CEO, who daily designs its natural DNA: persistence, perseverance, determination, professionalism. It has very clear objectives on which Belleville should follow, with a view to its success, its employees and the full satisfaction of its clients. It guarantees all the support and accompaniment necessary in all the stages coming from the whole process of purchase, sale and lease of real estate, being it the driving force of all the team that makes up the company.
  • Sandra Chaves
    Sandra Chaves
    Secretary / administrator of BelleVille Imobiliária, Sandra Chaves recently joined our team as responsible for the various administrative tasks necessary for the correct functioning of the company, including all the processes associated with leasing management. Dynamic, organized and professional, guarantees the greatest responsibility and knowledge in the treatment of each process and customer that concerns you.
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  • Vanessa Ferreira
    Vanessa Ferreira
    Without description
  • Joabe de Jesus
    Joabe de Jesus
    Without description
  • José Loureiro
    José Loureiro
    Without description
  • João Pulido
    João Pulido
    Commercial Director
    Without description
  • Francisco Carrilho
    Francisco Carrilho
    Without description
  • Helder Aguiar
    Helder Aguiar
    Without description
  • João Paulo Fernandes
    João Paulo Fernandes
    Without description
  • Sara Vilabril
    Sara Vilabril
    Collaborating with the commercial department of BelleVille Imobiliária, Sara Martins, recently integrating the real estate market, is a mirror of determination, motivation, pro-activity and immense professionalism, in every task practiced in her day-to-day life.
    Natural of Montalegre, its main focus is the work and professional growth of this branch, in this region.
    Based on very clear and assertive objectives, it works in a way to guarantee all the necessary support and accompaniment to its clients, ensured that it corresponds to all its needs and desires, in all the stages coming from the process of commercialization of a property, , or to the customer seller.
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